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DENVER — Two Republican rallies are set for Friday as Republicans continue to battle over the results of last weekend’s state convention.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz received all of Colorado’s 34 delegates at the gathering.

“We are pretty upset. We are pretty surprised too. I was not anticipating the results that came out Saturday,” said Erin Behrens, a Donald Trump supporter.

Behrens is helping to organize the gathering at the State Capitol. It is set for 3 p.m. and could last until 6 p.m. After the results of the state convention, Behrens launched the website Colorado Votes Matter, which is behind the protest.

“We were disenfranchised this election season,” Behrens said.

Trump is promoting the rally.

At the same time, Colorado GOP supporters will be gathering outside party headquarters in Greenwood Village to support Republican leaders. GOP Chairman Steve House has received death threats as a result of the state’s political process.

“This is inappropriate, this kind of smearing and intimating behavior. It is not justifiable and that’s why we are standing behind the GOP,” Jimmy Sengenberger said.

“The Colorado Republican Party will be conducting business as usual (Friday), which includes registering voters and meeting with key constituencies to continue expanding our base and win in November,” House said in a statement.