DNC Chairwoman comes to Colorado, blasts Romney

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DENVER — The Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, mocked Mitt Romney’s hiring Tuesday of a Colorado campaign director, claiming that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is “starting from scratch in one of the most significant battleground states there is.

“It’s very clear who takes the state of Colorado seriously, and who doesn’t,” she said.

The comments came during an afternoon press conference at the Obama for America field office here, as Wasserman-Schultz joined state Democratic chairman Rick Palacio and Denver Public Schools board member Happy Haynes in ripping Romney’s economic policies.

“He supports the cookie-cutter, tried-and-failed approach to governing that have characterized the GOP for decades: tax breaks for the wealthy, big tax breaks for big oil, and cuts to vital programs for the middle class and people struggling to make ends meet,” Wasserman-Schultz said.

Colorado Republican Chairman Ryan Call dismissed Wasserman’s criticism.

“People in Colorado know that this president has done nothing to help make this economy better,” Call said. “Mitt Romney is focused on fixing this economy and Barack Obama is out there ‘slow-jamming’ the news.”

Call also took issue with Democrats’ contention that Romney’s campaign is behind in Colorado because they have yet to open as many field offices as the Obama campaign.

“It’s not about offices,” Call said. “It’s about TV ads and voter contact. The Romney campaign will be relying heavily on the infrastructure the Colorado GOP has in place, and that infrastructure is strong.”

At their press conference, Democrats also took the opportunity to slam Romney over a news report Tuesday of a top Romney adviser, Richard Grenell, resigned because he felt he was being marginalized because he was gay at a time when the campaign should have been relying on his foreign policy expertise around the one-year anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

“Rich Grenell was nowhere to be seen because Mitt Romney caved to extremists within the Republican Party,” said Wasserman-Schultz. “He didn’t stand up and defend him at all. It’s just another clear example between the Democratic Party, which tolerates all people, and the extremists in the Republican Party.”

FOX31 Denver also asked Wasserman-Schultz about her insistence that Romney release his tax returns, even as some of her opponents in Florida have called her a hypocrite for not releasing her own.

“Mitt Romney is running for President of the United States,” she responded.

“He has now asked for an extension that ensures now we won’t see his tax returns until after the election.”

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