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DENVER — Lawmakers at the Colorado State Capitol continue to debate a proposal aimed at allowing local governments to implement rent control in their communities.

As FOX31 has reported, the rent stabilization bill could, in theory, restrict how much a landlord charges for rent.

While the bill was postponed Wednesday because of a blizzard warning, the question is: Will Denver city leaders actually take advantage of the option if it becomes law?

Ballots drop next week in the race for Denver’s mayor and the top four candidates, including incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock, were asked if they would implement it.

“Typically, we have found where it’s been deployed, it has not been the answer. It hasn’t benefited the people you’re trying to target,” Hancock told FOX31, addressing his opposition to the policy.

A similar view is shared by one of Hancock’s challengers, Jamie Giellis.

“I don’t think rent control is the answer,” Giellis told FOX31 when asked during a recent interview.

Two other candidates in the race appear supportive of implementing rent control, however, if they are elected next month.

“I believe if those landlords are getting subsidies or incentives, it’s reasonable to say, you know, ‘You can’t increase rent,’” said mayoral candidate Lisa Calderon.

Perhaps the strongest supporter of the rent control in the Denver mayoral race is Penfield Tate.

“I absolutely like rent control,” Tate said. “I carried a similar bill in 2001.”