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DENVER (KDVR) — Dating during the pandemic in Denver is tough enough, but when you throw in an exhausting and uncertain election into the mix, it can make things even more difficult.

New data from local dating apps reflect that; especially when it comes to picking a partner who matches your political beliefs.

A person’s political ideology has become one of the top things singles are looking for, according to the data.

“We are seeing Trump and Biden pop up in conversations daily. Almost in every conversation we’re seeing that,” said Zackary Lewis, CEO of ‘Say Allo’ and a dating app expert.

Say Allo‘ is a Denver-based dating app. It has nearly 100,000 users with all sorts of differing political views.

Politics is such an important issue to many of the users, developers gave them the ability to add badges to their video date profiles supporting their presidential pick.

“In that they can show their support for Trump, they can show their support for Biden. And that in itself is a huge conversation starter, which has been a lot of fun!” Lewis said.

Here in Colorado and across the country, a survey from the dating app ‘Bumble’ revealed: ‘politics’ ranks 9th on a list of the top 50 factors women want in a partner.

“There is a trend and a desire to only match with political affiliation,” Lewis said.

Give the trend, one must wonder: are differing political views a deal-breaker?

“Compatibility is what it is. So sometimes if you’ve matched with someone who doesn’t fall exactly within your political aspirations, in terms of who you would vote for, does that really mean you’re incompatible? No. Not completely. It just means you’re going to have spirited conversation for as long as the relationship may be,” Lewis explained.