Cruz wins all of Colorado delegates from Saturday’s two congressional conventions

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DENVER — Delegates to the Republican National Convention were selected at two congressional conventions in Colorado on Saturday and all went to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

The 1st and 6th congressional districts each offered three delegates to the national convention.

The delegates selected from the 1st District are Scott Gessler, Justin Everett and Tony Sanchez. The trio won after hours of speeches, voting and counting.

More than 90 people ran and each delivered 30-second speeches to those gathered at Church for all Nations in Littleton.

“It is a pretty good reflection of where we are in Colorado,” Sanchez said.

“I think voters are just angry and people just want someone who is going to mix it up and that person is Ted Cruz,” Everett said.

When asked if any of them would vote for Donald Trump if Cruz cannot secure the nomination, Gessler said “I cannot foresee those circumstances at all.”

None of the delegates elected in the 1st District said they would vote for someone who wasn’t already running for president.

“One-hundred percent no,” Everett said.

This is the remaining schedule for how Colorado GOP delegates will be selected to the national convention. There are 37 total.

April 7: Three delegates to be chosen at the convention for 7th Congressional District.

April 8: Twelve delegates to be chosen at conventions for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th congressional districts.

April 9: Thirteen delegates chosen at State GOP Convention in Colorado Springs. Cruz has confirmed he will attend. GOP officials said it is unclear if Trump will attend. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is not coming.

The remaining three delegates representing Colorado are selected based on their title — like State Republican Chairman Steve House.

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