Coloradoans impacted by today’s SCOTUS decisions

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DENVER — The Supreme Court announced several major decisions impacting Coloradans Tuesday.

Without question, the transgender ruling — allowing President Trump’s transgender ban to go in effect — was the most consequential.

Directly impacted was Capt Emma Shinn.

Shinn, who Fox31 has profiled in the past, is transgender and attempting to return to active duty.

A spokesman for Shinn issued the following statement:

“Cpt Emma Shinn, US Marine Corps, is in the process of returning to active duty currently and is disappointed in today’s ruling. Her decades of service as a US Marine officer and proven record in combat stand as evidence that transgender Americans are capable, willing, and ready to serve our nation.”

Those in the transgender community who are not in the military are equally upset.

“If the supreme court and the federal administration are okay with pure discrimination against the transgender community at this level where is it going to stop,” Shawn Turk, a transgender Coloradoan who knows Cpt. Shinn.

Other decisions by the Supreme Court today impacting Coloradans include SCOTUS’ decision to not address DACA. This allows the program, which the President has attempted to end, to continue.

“It’s not necessarily a victory,” Cesiah Guadarrama, a DACA recipient said.

“I am looking for a permanent solution for myself,”  Guaddarama said.

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