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DENVER — It has been a turbulent week for President Donald Trump’s White House.

First came the firing of FBI Director James Comey, then the release of classified information to Russia and finally the accusation Trump personally asked Comey to leave the investigation into Michael Flynn alone.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice appointed a special prosecutor to handle the investigation.

So are Trump’s supporters still with him? It appears so.

“I don’t,” said Charlene Hardcastle of Colorado Women for Trump when asked if the president has done anything wrong. “The only thing he’s done wrong is eat too much ice cream.”

“We are in a movement and the movement is not going away,” said Jan Cook, who is also a Trump supporter.

“Who do you believe? I think the Times and the Post have been trying to take him out,” Hardcastle said, not believing in articles with anonymous sources.

Retaining the support of people such as Hardcastle and Cook is critical for the president. If he loses them, he might lose Republicans in Congress as talk of impeachment intensifies.