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DENVER — The Donald Trump era has begun. Now the question is will Colorado Republicans embrace him.

Just a few weeks ago at the State GOP Convention, Ted Cruz was awarded all of states delegates to the national convention. One of those Cruz delegates is State Rep. Justin Everett.

“There is a little bit of shock, disbelief,” Everett said.

Everett said Trump “still has to prove himself” before he earns his vote in November. Everett plans on going to Cleveland and voting for Cruz.

“We got to see how he is doing, what kind of candidate he is,” Everett said.

Everett is also up for re-election and hopes Trump works to help candidates down the ballot. But other Republicans said unifying the party against Hillary Clinton will not be a problem.

Colorado State GOP Chair Steve House said he will “absolutely” vote for Trump at the convention. House received death threats from some Trump supporters after the state convention.

“We need a Republican to choose the next Supreme Court justice,” House said.

For Trump supporters like Steve Barlock, he said all Colorado Republicans must rally behind Trump. He has written a letter saying if they don’t he will not support other Republican candidates.

“I’m happy Donald pulled this off and now we can start against crooked Hillary Clinton,” Barlock said.

While some Colorado Democrats are privately rejoicing at the prospect of a Trump/Clinton matchup, Gov. John Hickenlooper said Democrats shouldn’t be so cocky.

“This will clearly be a dirty campaign,” Hickenlooper said. “I think the level of frustration out there is real and deep-seeded,” the governor said.