DENVER (KDVR) — For many, the start of October means the start of the spooky season ahead of Halloween. In Colorado it also means something else, new laws are going into effect.

There are seven total laws slated to go into effect on Oct. 1.

FOX31 previously looked into two of the laws — a change to who gets the right-of-way in roundabouts and a new waiting period for firearm sales.

Here are the other laws going into effect on Oct. 1.

Opening up liability to the firearm industry

Senate Bill 23-168, “Gun Violence Victims’ Access to Judicial System,” allows victims of gun violence to sue members of the firearm industry for knowingly breaching Colorado law.

For purposes of the law, the firearm industry includes people, firms, corporations or entities that manufacture, distribute, import, market or sell firearms or ammunition in the state.

Lawsuits can be brought up to five years after the violation of the law or harm occurs.

Criminal justice changes

Three other laws going into effect can broadly be defined as changes to the criminal justice system.

House Bill 23-1151, “Clarifications To 48-hour Bond Hearing Requirement,” deals with the 48-hour bond hearing requirement for people in jail.

House Bill 23-1293, “Felony Sentencing Commission Recommendations,” adopts changes to certain criminal offenses.

It specifically reclassifies a number of felony offenses. For example, aggravated cruelty to animals was changed to a class 4 felony and comes with harsher penalties than before.

House Bill 23-1034, “Measures to Expand Postconviction DNA Testing,” changes who can apply for postconviction DNA testing.

Previously, the only people who could apply for DNA testing to prove innocence were those who did not have it available to them when they were prosecuted.

The new law expands that to a number of new groups, including those convicted of felony offenses who are currently incarcerated and people who have completed their sentences.