DENVER (KDVR) — Tuesday is Election Day for the 2023 coordinated election, and a lot of big issues are on the ballot.

These issues include two state ballot questions, Proposition HH to reduce property taxes and voter-approved revenue change, and Proposition II, a Proposition EE funding retention rate reduction. There is also a city council-referred ballot measure, Referred Question 2P, which could extend preschool tax.

City of Denver voters are also deciding the races for Denver Public Schools Board of Education Director At-Large, Director District 1 and Director District 5.

“These are important questions that are going to be on the ballot and also if you’re in Denver, the school board election. It’s important, the future of our education for our children, public education, these are important matters. Students face a lot as students nowadays,” said Paul López, the clerk and recorder of Denver.

According to the Colorado Secretary of States Office, as of 9 a.m. Tuesday, more than one million ballots have been returned in Colorado.

Just over 93,000 of those have been turned into the City and County of Denver. In Jefferson County, voters turned in more than 125,000 ballots and more than 90,000 have been returned in Douglas County, so far.

So far, the voter turnout is 18.3%, which is higher than the 2021 coordinated election.

Voters have until 7 p.m. on Tuesday to submit their vote.

“It’s important that folks make sure to get those ballots in. The quicker you can get them into us, the faster we can produce results. Now, here’s the thing too, is that we value accuracy over speed, like any other election,” said López.

There is also a mobile voting center at the Emily Griffith Campus.

“There’s also a mobile vote center for folks who are not registered and need to register to vote,” López said. “It’s actually pretty cool because it increases access around the city.”

FOX31 compiled a list of drop-off locations across Denver.