GREELEY, Colo. (KDVR) — The two candidates vying for the first-ever seat in Colorado’s newest congressional district, the 8th District, attended a Latino forum held at the University of Northern Colorado.

Two out of five residents are Hispanic in this new congressional district, this demographic could decide the race between Democrat Yadira Caraveo and Republican Barbara Kirkmeyer.

“It’s really my lived experience and my experience as a pediatrician having treated this community in the 8th district for the last 10 years,” Caraveo said.

Her years spent living in this district as a Latina woman, Caraveo said, would give her an edge while Kirkmeyer said the vote isn’t exclusively about ethnic heritage.

“I don’t believe so, I served a county commissioner for 20 years in this county, got elected five different times,” Kirkmeyer said, “the Hispanic population, they’re part of the fabric of our community.”

Part of Caraveo’s pitch to Latino residents was heavy on health care.

“Accessibility and the pricing of healthcare and all of the decisions that go into health care including a woman’s right to choose,” Caraveo said. “I think she (Kirkmeyer) has shown with her voting record that not only does she not support working families but she has had a chance for 30 years to really represent the Latino community in weld county and she has not consistently done that.”

Kirkmeyer relied on the state of economy to garner votes.

“When I’m going to doors, whether it’s Hispanic doors or non-Hispanic doors, people are telling me the same thing: they’re concerned about the cost of living and how maybe they can’t afford now, to go get groceries or get their gas, how they’re concerned about their rent or their mortgages going up,” Kirkmeyer said, “as a county commissioner, I led my county to zero debt and reduced taxes and reduces regulations.”