DENVER (KDVR) — A new bill is being considered in the Senate, and if passed it would require “substance-free seating” at large Colorado concert, sports and entertainment venues.

SB23-171 is also known as the “Large Entertainment Facility Substance-free Seating Requirement” bill and was introduced by Democratic Sen. Kevin Priola and Democratic Rep. Chris deGruy Kennedy on Feb. 27.

According to the bill, if passed it would require an entertainment facility with a seating capacity of 7,000 or more to designate and enforce at least 4% of that seating as a substance-free area. The area cannot be limited to seats that are either higher or farther away from the activity.

This means that places like Ball Arena, Coors Field and Red Rocks would have to make 4% of their seating substance-free.

The bill defines substance-free as a seating area where the use of alcohol, electronic smoking, marijuana, tobacco and prohibited substances are banned.

“It will give people in recovery, people who don’t drink, and people who don’t want to be around others who are drinking a space to feel safe and comfortable and not alone in their sobriety,” according to section one of the bill.

If an entertainment facility fails to comply with the requirement, it could face license-related discipline, suspension, or fines.

According to the bill, in 2021 the per capita alcohol consumption and percentage of adults who reported binge drinking in the past 30 days was higher in Colorado than the national average.

If passed, this bill would be the first of its kind in the country. SB23-171 will be voted on by the finance committee on Thursday.