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DENVER (KDVR) — Wednesday was another long day for lawmakers at the state Capitol. Senators heard all three bills regarding abortion care. They were unveiled last week.

Abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates were speaking on the bills, with debate starting a little before noon and still going on late Wednesday night.

One bill requires insurance plans from large employers to provide coverage for the total cost of abortion care without policy deductibles, copayments or coinsurance starting January 2025. It passed along party lines out of the Senate Health and Human Services committee. The bill also protects a minor’s right to obtain contraception without parental consent.

Bills address abortion and gender-affirming care

Another bill is focused on doctors and patients who are receiving or giving abortion and gender-affirming care in Colorado, aiming to protect them from criminal prosecution and adverse action from health insurance providers. It passed out of the Senate Judiciary committee.

A measure looking to make sure pregnancy centers do not use deceptive trade practices when marketing about reproductive health care, also in the Senate Judiciary committee Wednesday, was the last to be discussed.

Although hours of testimony will be heard, all of the measures are expected to pass with ample support.