DENVER (KDVR) — Three gun bills that advanced in the Senate have now advanced in the House as well.

However, they are not ready for Governor Jared Polis just yet. Two passed the third hearing over the weekend and the other passed the second hearing Sunday with the third hearing scheduled for Monday.

The bills would broaden red flag laws, give gun violence victims more pathways to suing firearm dealers and manufacturers and raise the age for all firearm purchases to 21

Bill extending red flag laws advances

The red flag bill advanced to a third hearing Sunday and will be heard at a later date. Essentially the bill allows others, including licensed medical care providers, licensed mental health-care providers, licensed educators, and district attorneys, to petition for an extreme risk protection order.

But the bill has had intense opposition equally as high as the supporters who back it.

State representative and a sponsor of the bill, Jennifer Bacon, who is a Democrat from Denver, said more people exercising this protection order will make communities safer.

“Law enforcement was put in a position of being a gatekeeper to access to these and by broadening access to it,” Bacon said. “It means those people who wanted help can now do it themselves.”

Taylor Rhodes with Rocky Mountain Gun Owners said the bill, if passed and made state law, would face legal challenges.

“I promise you, we will bring that fight to them in the courts,” Rhodes said.