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DENVER (KDVR) — Currently, dogs and cats are rarely euthanized in Colorado shelters because of a lack of space. In fact, Colorado has imported tens of thousands of pets from other states over the years to keep up with demand.

Now, Colorado lawmakers want to ensure no shelter euthanizes a dog or a cat again.

“No state has done this before,” Dr. Apryl Steele with Dumb Friends League told FOX31. “Every healthy dog and cat will be placed.”

Under SB 164, dogs and cats could still be euthanized over health and behavioral concerns.

Steele, who is lobbying for the bill, says the biggest part of the legislation is a requirement that all shelters and rescue sites provide adequate veterinary care.

“We saw last year in Pueblo a shelter started taking in a bunch of animals and not having the resources to care for them,” Steele said.

“We want to make sure animals are given a veterinary exam,” Rep. Alex Valdez, a Democratic sponsor of the bill said.

Some no-kill advocates are expected to testify against the bill in future hearings — believing even sick dogs should be protected.