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(Image: CNN/Joyce Tseng)
(Image: CNN/Joyce Tseng)

WASHINGTON — Colorado has some of the most polarized cities in America according to an analysis by Crowdpac.

The Silicon Valley start-up ranked more than 300 cities, in which, there were at least 1,000 political donations since 2008 by looking at campaign contributions at the local, state and federal level to determine how big the ideological divide is.

Colorado Springs ranked eighth on the list, the highest spot on the list from a city in Colorado. Littleton – at 35th – was the only other Colorado city in the top 50. Find a full list below.

The findings reveal that some regions of the country, including the conservative South, are more polarized than others. Of the top 100 cities, more than half, 53%, were in the South, compared with 30% in the West and 17% in the Midwest. None of the 100 most polarized cities were located in the Northeast.

Green Bay, Wisconsin tops the list.

Texas is home to the largest number of highly-polarized cities. Of the top 100 cities, 18 are located in the Lone Star State. Texas is also home to five of the top 10 most polarized cities.

The country’s least divided area appears to be in the San Francisco Bay area, according to Crowdpac’s analysis of political contributions. Berkeley, California had the lowest score on the scale. Albany and Oakland, which are right next door to Berkeley, were the next least divided. San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Richmond, California, were also near the bottom of the list. Areas in the Northeast, including around Boston, were also well represented in the least divided side of the list.

Crowdpac gave each of the cities a polarization score, calculated by analyzing donors’ pattern of political contributions over time. The more polarized a city is, the higher the score. Cities were ranked based on the widest gap between conservative and liberal donors who live there.

Colorado cities on the list

#8. Colorado Springs, CO: 60.1% liberal; 39.9% conservative. Ideological gap: 8.49 points.

#35. Littleton, CO: 63.4% liberal; 36.6% conservative. Ideological gap: 7.99 points.

#63. Centennial, CO: 63.6% liberal; 36.4% conservative. Ideological gap: 7.71 points.

#97. Englewood, CO: 64.6% liberal; 35.4% conservative. Ideological gap: 7.43 points.

#124. Aurora, CO: 76.4% liberal; 23.6% conservative. Ideological gap: 7.3 points.

#125. Arvada, CO: 76.3% liberal; 23.7% conservative. Ideological gap: 7.28 points.

#135. Golden, CO: 71.4% liberal; 28.6% conservative. Ideological gap: 7.18 points.

#169. Fort Collins, CO: 79.8% liberal; 20.2% conservative. Ideological gap: 6.9 points.

#181. Lakewood, CO: 79.3% liberal; 20.7% conservative. Ideological gap: 6.81 points.

#190. Longmont, CO: 81.9% liberal; 18.1% conservative. Ideological gap: 6.75 points.

#278. Denver, CO: 85.8% liberal; 14.2% conservative. Ideological gap: 5.71 points.

#291. Lafayette, CO: 88.6% liberal; 11.4% conservative. Ideological gap: 5.52 points.

#292. Louisville, CO: 87.8% liberal; 12.2% conservative. Ideological gap: 5.51 points.

#343. Boulder, CO: 92.4% liberal; 7.6% conservative. Ideological gap: 4.54 points.

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