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DENVER — The Colorado Republican Party is set to file a formal letter of complaint to the Larimer County clerk’s office after apparently catching Obama supporters offering free t-shirts and pizza to students who voted early at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

The dust-up comes on the first day of early voting in Colorado, a critical swing state that could determine the race for the White House and one that’s sure to see a lot of legal wrangling between the campaigns over the final two weeks of the campaign.

“Our democratic process hinges upon the integrity of our elections,” Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call said. “The Democrats’ clear disregard for Colorado’s electoral process is a severe oversight that needs to be addressed.”

According to the Colorado GOP, Democratic volunteers offered people free t-shirts and pizza for voting early and posted official Obama campaign signs within 100 feet of the polling location, which is against federal and state election laws.

Justin Miller, a spokesman for the Colorado Republican Party, also alleged that the volunteers on campus, after objections to their efforts, “scratched out” the wording on the signs noting that they’re paid for by the Obama campaign; and, Miller said, the attending election judge allowed the signage on the grounds that it was free speech.

“When these clear violations of Colorado election laws were brought to the attention of the supervising supply judge by Rachel Drechsler, a CSU student who arrived at the polling place to vote today, the supply judge refused to take any action to address the situation, and responded that “free speech trumps poll rules,” writes Call in the official complaint sent to the Larimer County clerk’s office this afternoon.

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