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DENVER — Colorado Sen. Ted Harvey is leading a new Super PAC aimed at opposing a possible Hillary Clinton presidential run.

The ‘Stop Hillary PAC’, a group that was quietly incorporated in May, announced its leadership team on Monday.

Harvey, R-Highlands Ranch, is serving as the group’s “honorary chairman”, he told FOX31 Denver on Monday.

“My role is to talk to the media and help the entity as much as I possibly can,” he said. “It’s a very organic group of political campaign activists that have come together from across the country to help steer this entity to raise money and confront a potential Hillary Clinton campaign.”

The group is separate from another PAC formed last month by America Rising, a new opposition research firm led by former Mitt Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades.

‘Stop Hillary PAC’ isn’t a group formed by Washington’s biggest names, but, according to Harvey, they know how to raise money at the grassroots level.

“We’re very confident we’ll be able to raise significant money in the coming years and make sure we’re on the offensive,” Harvey said. “In the past, we’ve let Democrats define themselves and our candidates before we can respond.”

On Wednesday, the group will roll out its first web video on Clinton, which they promise will get people’s attention.

Even with more than three years until the 2016 election, it’s hard to argue that this group will be defining Clinton ‘early’, given that she’s been a fixture in American politics for the better part of three decades now.

According to Harvey, the group, which plans to attack Clinton with web ads, online videos and, perhaps, by confronting her at public appearances, can do a lot to focus the public on Clinton’s negatives.

“She is the last person I would want to be the president of the United States,” he said. “You look how she conducted herself during her husband’s administration, as Secretary of State, the way she mislead the citizens of the U.S. about the attacks in Benghazi — she has a history of misleading the American public.”

And what if Clinton decides not to run? Is ‘Stop Hillary PAC’ a waste?

“I am confident that Hillary will be the nominee,” Harvey said. “It speaks to how weak their national bench is that they have to go back and resurrect the Clinton administration from the 1990s to have a viable national candidate in 2016.”