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DENVER — As thousands of Romney supporters lined up outside his Monday night rally site at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, liberal groups and the Obama campaign did whatever they could to get their own message heard.

But even with a small airplane circling overheard trailing a banner about Romney’s 47 percent comments, the voices ProgressNow Action wanted to hear were those of Romney supporters as they passed by the group’s cardboard cut-out of President Obama and rolling video camera on their way inside.

On Tuesday morning, the group posted the four-minute video on YouTube, in which dozens of Republicans pass by cardboard Obama and, in a few cases, can’t help but hurl less-than-politically correct comments its way. You can watch the video below.

“Go back to Kenya!” one person says.

“Strangle him!” says another.

Some of the comments were directed at the ProgressNow staffers holding up the cut-out and the video camera.

“Is that your Muslim communist buddy?” one person asks.

“Why are you supporting an Islamist, Marxist idiot?” asks another.

“He looks real good standing on a street corner,” one passerby says. “In about three months, he’ll be doing that all the time.”

The Obama cut-out was also wearing a button that said, “Thanks, Obamacare.”

“It’s our piece de resistance,” ProgressNow’s Alan Franklin said of the button, in an aside to FOX31 Denver Monday night.

In an email to FOX31 Denver Tuesday, ProgressNow Action said, “we did nothing to further provoke the crowd.”

Asked what they want people who watch the tape to see, the group’s executive director, Joanne Schwartz, said this:

“It’s clear that not all, but many within Romney’s base of support dislike the President for irrational and often hateful reasons. Comments like ‘go back to Kenya,’ and asserting Obama is ‘black and used up’ reflect a much uglier prejudice than most Americans would identify with.
“Others continue to repeat discredited race-baiting falsehoods about the President’s religion and nationality,” Schwartz continued.
“Everyone we videotaped yesterday has a right to free expression, but others have the right to publicly reject intolerance. In a free society, we have an obligation to call this out.”