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DENVER — The race for Governor is the most expensive campaign in state history and a major reason is both candidates for Governor are independently wealthy.

Thus far Republican nominee Walker Stapleton has donated over $1 million from his pocketbook to his campaign.

That is a significant but it is nothing compared to Democratic Nominee Jared Polis who has given over $18 million from his personal wealth to his campaign account.

Is that legal? Absolutely.

Do people want to change the law? That is true, too.

“It really does create this loophole that allows millionaires to buy an election,” Greg Brophy said. Brophy is a Republican campaign consultant who is sponsoring what is expected to be Amendment 75 on the November ballot. It has qualified to be on the ballot by Secretary of State Wayne Williams.

Currently, the average donor can only give $1,150 to a campaign during an election. Candidates can give their campaign unlimited amounts of money.

Under the proposed ballot measure, if a candidate gives their campaign more than $1 million or solicits donations to a PAC exceeding $1 million, the opposing candidate can  receive donations at a higher threshold. The ballot measure sets that new threshold at five times current limits.

“We are supposed to have an election not an auction in Colorado,” Brophy added.

Brophy says so far no opposition has formed to his proposal. Brophy said even Democratic Nominee Jared Polis is supportive of the idea.