Uncertainty ahead of Friday’s vote to expel Rep. Lebsock

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DENVER — There was high drama at the State Capitol on Thursday ahead of a vote to expel Democratic State Rep. Steve Lebsock.

The vote is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Friday. Forty-four votes are needed and Thursday night, it was unclear if the support for expulsion is there.

The wild day at the Capitol began with Republicans on the House floor asking for a delay.

Rep. Yeulin Willett, a Republican, called for an investigative ethics committee to further scrutinize the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Lebsock.

“If we are going to be judicial, let us be judicious,” Willet said.

Democrats blocked that measure and proceeded to an unprecedented joint caucus meeting where lawmakers could ask individuals from the Employers Council questions about its Lebsock report.

At the meeting, Lebsock sat front and center and attempted to showcase his belief as to why the final report was biased.

“I explained to you my questions about due process,” Lebsock said.

“When I was explaining to you how difficult this was for me, for my 15-year-old son, and my family and my friends, your response was — and this was recorded, ‘It’s not like you are going to die.'”

After the meeting, Democrats went into a separate caucus meeting and so did Republicans.

In the GOP caucus meeting, there was a concern about voting as well as a desire to call for a selective committee to investigate Democratic Speaker Crisanta Duran’s role in the scandal.

“Leadership covered up what was going on,” said Rep. Dave Williams, a Republican.

Meanwhile in the Democratic caucus, an intense discussion was underway regarding whether or not to delay the vote.

Ultimately, the decision to move forward with the vote was made.

“You still have a member who is scaring people,” said Rep. Jonathan Singer, a Democrat.

“It is now in our hands to act,” Democratic House Majority Leader K.C. Becker said.

Lawmakers reacted on Twitter, including Rep. Faith Winter, who has accused Lebsock of harassment.

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