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DENVER (KDVR) – Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sat down with FOX31 Political Reporter Joe St. George for a wide ranging discussion ahead of Super Tuesday.

Sanders was in Denver for a rally inside the Colorado Convention Center Sunday night.

“You’re not a socialist – you are a Democratic socialist – but you know if you’re the nominee President Trump will spend millions scaring Americans – doesn’t that make you a risk to Democrats who want to beat the President?” St. George asked.

“This is the point we will make, in many ways you have a socialist society right now – except it is socialism for the very rich,” Sanders said.

“You’re not worried about the commercials?” St. George asked Sanders.

“We can deal with it – by the way in my own state – everybody knows who I am,” Sanders added.

“You have introduced a bill to ban fracking a few miles up the road in Weld County thousands of people rely on fracking for employment, additional income, taxes support schools – what happens to them?” St. George asked Sanders.

“What happens to them is we will protect them,” Sanders said. “Actually in an unprecedented way – through a just transition. I am not blaming the workers here who make a living,” Sanders said.

“That scares some people though,” St. George said.

“You know what scares other people that may not have a healthy and habitable planet,” Sanders said.

“You have not endorsed John Hickenlooper for Senate in Colorado – you know him through running against him – but he said during his presidential campaign that your policies will ‘FedEx’ the election to Donald Trump. Is Mr. Hickenlooper wrong? He is a respected voice in our state,” St. George asked.

“Yes he is wrong – we are going to defeat Trump because we are going to create the largest voter turnout in history of the United States,” Sanders said.