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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — Anne Holton, wife of vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine, stopped in metro Denver on Wednesday, rallying supporters in the Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine field office in Wheat Ridge.

“It’s going well it feels great,” Holton said when asked about the state of the race. “People are energized.”

When asked what worries her regarding this election, Holton said, “This has been a season of surprises.”

She said the role of second lady is still unclear because of Clinton’s possible historic election.

“We don’t know because there’d be no first lady. I’ll do whatever Hillary and Tim say I can do to be helpful.”

Holton said she would likely carry on the issues of Jill Biden, who has focused on veterans and higher education.

“I share with Jill a passion for community colleges,” Holton said.

She squashed rumors that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe might appoint her to fill her husband’s Senate seat if elected.

“No way to the Senate seat. I will not let my husband be my boss,” she said.

Holton, the former Secretary of Education in Virginia, was asked about a recent report regarding her former boss.

McAuliffe has faced criticism for donating large sums of money to a Senate candidate whose husband was leading the Clinton email investigation.

“It looked like a lot of silliness to me,” Holton said. “I don’t think her husband was involved in the investigation until after.”

When asked about voters who might wish to not vote this election, Holton said, “Democracy works when people participate.”