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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — The Donald Trump campaign is relying heavily on a 12-year-old to help open a field office.

Weston Imer is co-chair of the campaign in Jefferson County.

At the field office at the corner of West 27th Avenue and Youngfield Street in Wheat Ridge on Friday, the young Weston was seen instructing volunteers on what to do, as well as making phone calls to supporters.

Imer also helped with final preparations as the campaign prepared for its grand opening on Saturday.

“Get involved — kids need to be educated,” Weston said.

Officially, his mom is listed as the official field coordinator for the office. Laurel Imer said parents should be more open to giving their children more responsibilities.

“Parents have the responsibility to educate their kids,” Imer said.

As for Weston, he plans on being at the office every day between now and the start of school, making the boss proud and perhaps launching a career.

“Do you want to be President of the United States one day?” he was asked.

“Definitely, 2040 watch for me and Barron Trump if you’re watching. I’ll take ya as my running mate,” Imer said.