Neighbors angry over political graffiti in some Denver neighborhoods

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DENVER — Several Denver neighborhoods say the negative election season is spilling beyond the TV and radio and has become criminal activity.

Now they want it cleaned up.

“You have people who have all the little signs all over the place,” Congress Park resident Lisa Ball said.

But up and down Sixth and Eighth avenues, from Corona Street to Colorado Boulevard, in Congress Park, Cheesman Park and Capitol Hill, on electric boxes and street signs, someone’s opinion has become a crime.

“We never had a graffiti problem in this neighborhood,” resident Raymond Jones said.

“It is vandalism,” said Sara Schiffer who also lives in the area.

It’s political graffiti, including “Lock Hillary up,” “Obama is a coward” and “Trump wins.”

“I think it’s cowardly and it’s divisive. It also just doesn’t show any pride for your own community,” Schiffer said.

“Whoever it is doesn’t know how to make an ‘N.’ You have to take that with a grain of salt. Whoever it is clearly isn’t literate,” Ball said.

For angry neighbors, this is more than politics.

“It’s ugly,” Ball said.

“Graffiti attracts graffiti. Someone has written a pro-(Donald) Trump message and someone else has tried to wipe that out. … I don’t want any graffiti on the box or in the neighborhood,” Jones said.

“To sort of spew hate, I think it’s a slippery slope as far as how far we let it go,” Schiffer said.

They say it’s a sign that won’t be tolerated.

“Discourse is one thing, but there’s no need to tag an entire neighborhood,” Schiffer said. “Canvass, campaign for your candidate. Be proactive, if you don’t believe a certain candidate is right for our country. Join up, do something.”

Schiffer wants neighbors to get involved, calling the city’s 311 line and Century Link who she says owns the electric boxes. She said the more people who complain, the quicker someone will have to clean it up.

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