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DENVER — Denver-area police wives are speaking out  after an alarming 911 call from someone threatening to shoot local law enforcement officers.

They say this is just one of several threats their husbands have recently received.

Stephanie Evans’ husband is a Commerce City police officer. She knows when he leaves home in the morning there’s a chance he might not  return.

Three years ago, he lost his partner in the line of duty, but lately that fear has become much more real.

“It seems to happen daily,” she said.

Evans said ever since the riots in Ferguson, Mo., last year, her husband has encountered one close call after another.

“Someone tried to run him over. One gentleman actually came after him with a hatchet and another gentleman tried to physically grab his gun,” Evans said.

And he’s not alone. A call to a 911 dispatcher on Sunday highlights the dangers and threats local police face.

The anonymous caller told the dispatcher, “Denver and Aurora. We are about to start striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by their selves [sic].”

Officers in Texas and Illinois have been ambushed and killed lately.

“It’s happening across the U.S. It’s happening overseas. It’s everywhere. And for what? Nobody has a reason that’s justifiable in my book. If you take a human life, you just don’t value it period,” Evans said.

Evans said she and her son have been threatened while out to dinner with her husband.

“I fear for myself. I fear for my son. I fear for my husband. I fear for the people who might be seen with us,” Evans said.