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DENVER — Thursday night neighbors watched as Denver police swarmed a home with the police helicopter circling overhead.

“Police came from every direction. I knew it was pretty serious,” said Casey Doyle. Neighbors had no idea what was happening.

Doyle described what happened in the west Denver neighborhood near S. Federal Boulevard and W. Evans Avenue.

A pilot flying an airplane reported what Virginia McCready witnessed.

“He was shining it at my kids. It was a bright blue light,” McCready said.

The F.A.A. confirms a pilot did report that someone was shining a laser at a plane passing in the area.

At the home contacted by police, a woman said her son-in-law was contacted by law enforcement that night but could not say whether the man was charged or ticketed.

The woman says police told her they were turning the case over to the FBI.

Aviation experts say shining a laser into a cockpit can be especially dangerous during a plane’s descent.

If someone is convicted, they could face up to five years in prison.