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DENVER — Millions of gifts will be packaged up and shipped to homes across Colorado, as more consumers choose to shop online. But with that comes more opportunity for thieves to steal packages when people aren’t home.

“It’s frustrating you know here you are trying to get a good deal, and you’re getting a bad deal,” said Denver Police Public Information Officer Sonny Jackson. “We find a lot of people out there trying to prey on our community.”

Denver Police say they see an uptick in “porch pirates” this time of year, and want people to be thinking about how they receive packages to prevent theft.

Police say if you can’t be home when your package arrives, designate a friend or neighbor to pick it up for you. Police recommend tracking packages, requiring signatures for pickup, or even coordinating for a pickup at a package storage facility to avoiding it sitting on your porch for an extended period of time. Another option could be sending packages to your place of work, or a lockbox.

“I think another thing that makes a huge difference is the old fashioned neighborhood watch,” Jackson said. “Get a good look at who’s there. Be a good witness if something does happen.”

Jackson says be mindful of suspicious activity, like cars driving slowly in a neighborhood, or even doubling back. They may be on the lookout for packages. Jackson says it doesn’t hurt to get descriptions, car information, and keeping track of the time and place.

Aurora Police are trying a new approach to prevent this type of crime this year. They’re sending out flyers to delivery drivers with tips to spot suspicious activity, like if they’re being tailed by someone who may want to steal packages right after delivery.