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WARNING: The video and sounds are graphic and may be disturbing for some viewers

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — The Fort Collins Police Department released body camera video Friday that recorded the moments when officers shot and killed a man who was inside a hotel room with a crying 3-year-old.

Investigators say the man, 26-year-old George Newman was high on meth.

The video shows officers approaching the hotel room at the America’s Best Value Inn on North College Avenue during the early morning hours of October 1, 2017.

Officers responded after a man called 911 to say someone shot a hole in the ceiling of his hotel room. When they arrived, a woman told officers her 3-year-old daughter was inside the hotel room with a man named George.

After multiple knocks, that man finally answered the door.

You can hear officers order the suspect to “put the weapon down” multiple times.

After numerous commands that the suspect ignored, police fired shots.

“When the doors opened and its only an eight-second time frame that the officer has to make a decision, that Sgt. Gallimar has to make a decision,” Fort Collins Police Chief Terry Jones said.

Right after the gunfire, you hear an officer say, “Get the baby out, get the baby out right now.”

Police say Newman was holding a sawed-off shotgun when he answered the door.

The district attorney ruled officers were justified in shooting and killing him, saying Newman could have shot the officers or the child in the amount of time police gave him to put the weapon down.

Police say the gun Newman had was actually stolen from a woman who investigators believe he murdered a few days earlier.