Police: Prolific Panty thief is off the streets

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GREELEY, Colo. — Greeley Police say a prolific panty thief is off the streets.

He allegedly stole hundreds of pairs of women’s undergarments and police suspect some victims don’t even realize what’s happened.

It’s a place you go to clean your laundry. But at Heatherway Apartments at 1722 30th St., it’s where women “outted” a man’s dirty little secret.

“I was just sitting by myself and a guy comes walking in with no laundry no bags and just stares at me,” says one victim, who didn’t want to be identified.

She says she felt uncomfortable and left for just a minute and when she returns, he’s leaving with a tiny bag.

“There was water splashed all over the floor, I went through and noticed right away I had clothes missing,” she says—about four pairs of underwear, six bras and two shirts.

“The first load of laundry I did I was missing my bra,” says another victim, who didn’t want to give her name.

“I saw this man peek in the laundry room…I did ask him what are you doing. He just went really fast, walked fast to his apartment door. I did follow him to the door,” she says.

We also went to that door. No answer.

But inside, police say they found 39-year-old Joey Gallegos. And in his bedroom were more than 350 items of women’s clothing—mostly undergarments, like bras and underwear, piled two-feet deep atop his bed.

“We still have numerous, numerous items in evidence we have no owners for that we believe to be stolen. We believe there is in excess of 20, I can’t even estimate how many more victims we have out there,” says Greeley Police Sgt. Susan West.

Besides the laundry room, police say he also broke into the same apartment through a window twice.

They don’t know how long this went on.

“He had desire to have these items since he was a young child. It could have been going on for years,” says Sgt. West.

Victims are just glad Gallegos is gone, for now.

And they hope more victims are willing to mention their unmentionables to police.

“Anything you lost I encourage you to come forward, just come forward, if it’s just one underwear, just one bra, anything.”

Gallegos faces two counts each of burglary and misdemeanor theft, but multiple other charges are pending.

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