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SHERIDAN, Colo. — A man who reported he was stabbed in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant because he had a neo-Nazi haircut made up the story, the Sheridan Police Department said Monday.

Joshua Witt, 26, called police on Aug. 16 from the Steak ‘n Shake at 3502 S. River Point Parkway.

He told detectives he got out of his vehicle when a black man in his mid-20s wearing a green shirt and blue pants came up to him and asked, “Are you one of them neo-Nazi?” before trying to stab him with a small knife.

Witt told police that he was stabbed in his left hand while trying to defend himself. He said the man took off toward the bike path along the South Platte River.

Witt posted details of the stabbing on social media, claiming his haircut might have been the reason he was attacked. Witt also conducted several interviews with the media.

But investigators reviewed surveillance video from the area that showed no suspect running from the scene.

Other video showed Witt leaving a nearby sporting good store after he purchased a small knife, police said.

The man Witt had described as the “suspect” was found to be a nearby transient who was cleared of any involvement, police said.

In a follow-up interview on Thursday, police showed Witt the video of him purchasing the knife.

Witt then admitted he cut himself with the knife by accident while parked in his vehicle and admitted to making up the story about being attacked, police said.

Witt was booked and released on a summons for false reporting. He faces a maximum of one year in jail and a $2,650 fine.