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HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — For the second time in two weeks, the Douglas County Sheriff is looking for help finding a hit and run driver in Highlands Ranch.

The latest incident hospitalized a 76-year-old cyclist.

Doug Harris, of Highlands Ranch, suffered a badly broken pelvis after a vehicle hit him in the intersection of Lucent Blvd. and Plaza Drive just before 8 am on Friday.

Harris was riding in the northbound bike lane on Lucent Blvd. He had a green light and was traveling through the intersection with Plaza Drive when a vehicle turned right, striking him. Prior to the intersection a sign warns drivers turning right to yield to cyclists.

“The guy turns and (Doug) gets hit and he’s laying in the street,” said Doug Harris’ wife, Christine Harris.  “The damage to the vehicle would be on the right passenger side, rear part of the car.”

Witnesses describe the car that fled as a white or light grey, four door Subaru. ​

Christine Harris told FOX31 Denver that her husband is expected to make a full recovery thanks, in part, to some good samaritans and emergency responders at the scene.

“I mean, his hip was crushed so he couldn’t get up,” she said. “People picked him up and put him on the side of the road.”

Dough Harris is now awaiting surgery at Littleton Aventis and anticipating at least six months of recovery.

“He’s hurting,” Christine Harris said. “It’s a lot to deal with in one day, and it was his birthday of all things.”

Though his birthday was ruined, he and the family still clearly have a wish: for the driver to come forward.

“Accidents happen, I understand that, we all make mistakes,” Christine Harris said. “We’re all not paying attention 24/7, but just have some dignity, some responsibility, some integrity and take responsibility for your life and for your actions.”​

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Hotline at 303-660-7539.​