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DENVER — A group of people protesting inside Sen. Cory Gardner’s Denver office were cited for trespassing Thursday after refusing to leave while protesting the proposed health care bill.

Protesters gathered in a park near his office early Thursday to encourage Gardner to vote no against the proposed health care bill.

Those willing to risk arrest moved inside the building’s lobby. Eventually, Gardner’s staff invited five people to come to his office and speak with Gardner over the phone.

After Gardner told them he would not comment on the proposed bill, protesters refused to leave the office until the senator told them he would vote against the proposed bill.

In the end, the Denver Police Department was called in. The protesters were handcuffed, cited and released.

Protesters streamed their conversation with Gardner live over Facebook.

In the video, Gardner told them he was waiting on more numbers and statistics before deciding how he’ll vote on any health care reform.

He told them it’s important any plan include a safety net, that it maintains affordable coverage and it supports pre-existing conditions.

“My attitude is to keep an open mind and to listen to both sides of the debate and try to understand the numbers as they come in​,” Gardner said.

Denver police chief Robert White stopped by Gardner’s office earlier Thursday afternoon to make sure everything stayed peaceful.

“I just came to check on the officers, make sure they are OK and talk to them about what the strategy is, and that is hopefully we can resolve this peacefully without even citing individuals,” White said.

Ten protesters were removed and arrested at the senator’s office last week.