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DENVER – An Oakland Raiders sticker helped police track down a car used in a shooting in Denver.

It happened just after 1 p.m. at the intersection of Colorado and Federal in West Denver. Denver Police Commander Mark Fleecs said, “We had an altercation that ended up with gunfire. Some people from one car fired a gun at another car.”

Police were able to track down the suspect’s car just a few blocks away. Commander Fleecs said, “our officers were in the area pretty quickly. We had a distinct description of the car. Our officers were able to get that car stopped. We had several people run from that car.”

Police closed off streets in a five block area and searched for the gunmen. Residents were not allowed in or out of the neighborhood.

Resident Nga Prim said, “Everything is blocked off. I can’t get into the parking lot where my house is at. They are telling me it’s unsafe to stay. They don’t want anyone in or out.”

Prim was just getting home from work and was worried about her two children who were home, inside the perimeter.

She said, “We’re talking on the phone. They are OK. I made sure they locked the doors and all that stuff. I’m really nervous, but I’m staying on the phone with them to make sure they are OK.”

Police arrested three suspects and recovered two guns. No one was injured.