Police and protesters on opposite ends of how a Jeep got on to I-225 to drive through protesters


DENVER (KDVR) — FOX31 obtained new video, showing a Jeep driving into a crowd of protestors on Interstate 225 Saturday in Aurora from several ground angles.

Problem Solvers spoke one-on-one with Aurora Police’s Deputy Chief about the incident and potential charges for the driver as well as the protestor who fired shots at the Jeep, hitting two people in the crowd.

“Where do you think things went wrong with that situation,” FOX31’s Nicole Fierro asked Deputy Chief Harry Glidden. 

“One, pedestrians aren’t really allowed on the freeway, it’s an open roadway, it’s where cars are supposed to travel so taking an eight lane interstate is risky,” Glidden said. 

Deputy Chief Glidden tells Problem Solvers protestors were not communicating their plans to police.

“In June, we had protestors actually telling us what they are doing and, even though it’s illegal to take the roadway, we knew where they were going so we stopped all traffic,” he said. 

“They never even communicated with us when they let the Jeep on the highway,” protest organizer Candice Bailey said.

Bailey said police did not reach out to the protestors.

Problem Solvers asked APD how the Jeep was able to get on the highway in the first place, despite APD’s efforts to make a barricade with motorcycle officers from their traffic unit. 

“Where we were stopping traffic, he had gotten on past that point, north of where we were because we were not going to put people in the crowd because it’s dangerous to the officers,” Deputy Chief Glidden said. 

No charges have been filed yet for the driver of the Jeep. APD is working with the district attorney’s office and says there’s a potential for charges like carless driving but more information is needed.

“Right now, all we have is one side of the story,” Glidden said, adding “We have the jeep driver’s side of the story. He says he was surrounded, people were banging on his car, he felt threatened and thought he needed to escape.”

Problem Solvers heard Sabastian Sassi’s side. He was the driver of the white truck that collided with the Jeep before it took off into the crowd of protestors.

“It was readily apparent to me he was going to hit people; he was going to hit marchers,” Sassi said. 

Sassi says he was slowly driving behind the protest to keep watch when he saw the Jeep coming fast.

“I attempted to get in the center right line, the lane he was in, hoping I could get in front of him and brake check him and encourage him to slow down but he was going so fast,” Sassi said, adding “By the time I even attempted to do that he broadsided my truck, bounced off my truck hit, the jersey barrier.”

“We are taking into consideration the person in the white truck, what their behavior was, the lawfulness of what they did as well,” Glidden said. 

FOX31 tried emailing, door knocking and contacting two numbers for who we believe the driver of the Jeep is but have not heard from the driver about his side of the story. 

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