Police: 20-time burglar in Boulder at large, unafraid


Man sought in connection with about 20 home burglaries in Boulder.

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Boulder police are warning neighbors tonight about a serial burglar who is bold and apparently unafraid of confrontation.

The suspect has hit 20 homes in three months, often when the homeowner is home.

In one victim's case, the suspect escaped by jumping off a second floor balcony, something police say their suspect has done many times after being confronted by startled homeowners.

Just Tuesday night, Boulder police say their suspect tried to strike again, knocking on a woman’s door in the 600 block of North Street. When she called 911, she could see the man staring at her through a glass door.

Police say their suspect usually enters through unlocked doors, but has also been willing to climb ladders left on the ground and cut through the screens on open windows.

He usually strikes in the middle of the night, but he doesn’t seem worried he might wake someone up.

"It seems like he wants to target people that are actually awake," said Laurie Ogden with Boulder police.

Investigators say the burglar has struck 20 times since late May, in areas west of Broadway. Police say the suspect runs off, usually with a pillowcase full of cash and jewelry.

"It’s very worrisome that he doesn’t seem to be thwarted by anything," said Laurie Ogden with Boulder police.

Over the weekend, Boulder police say their suspect hit two homes within 20 minutes of each other and along Dewey Avenue, three homes were targeted within 50 yards of each other, including one family that was watching TV downstairs while the burglar was rifling through their stuff just upstairs.

"Our daughter came out of her bedroom on the second floor and called downstairs and said 'There’s a man in our house," said Barbara Paradiso, a burglary victim.

By the time Barbara ran upstairs, the suspect had jumped off her second floor deck.

"It makes me feel very uneasy about going into there now, because I know it’s past, but still knowing he’s in the neighborhood somewhere makes me feel very uneasy," said Isabelle Paradiso, the 12-year-old who spotted the suspect.

Barbara says she’s shutting her windows now and has put new locks on her gate, with sensor lights soon going up on her garage.

"So bold, I mean it’s terrifying how bold this man has been," said Barbara. "We look behind every door. Our children are afraid to sleep at home at night since the robbery."

Barbara says in her case, the burglary got away with $10,000-15,000 worth of jewelry.

Police say their suspect is a white male with dark hair in his early twenties, but admit their two composite sketches aren’t very similar, likely because witnesses only catch a glimpse of the man. Police believe the suspect is driving a beige or tan older model SUV.

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Kara Wills at 303-441-3482 or the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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