DENVER (KDVR) — Victoria Long’s family is finding peace after a sign in her honor was placed near Hampden Avenue and South Poplar Street.

“The grief still ways heavy, it weighs heavy on me and it weighs heavy on her two daughters – who are missing out on so much without their mom,” Janet Inzeo, Victoria’s mother, said Tuesday.

Long died days after being the passenger on a motorcycle when it crashed on May 4, 2019, at the intersection of Santa Fe Drive and Iowa Avenue.

Inzeo said the “Please Drive Carefully” sign was placed on Hampden instead near Victoria’s old New York Deli News job. She said the location where the crash happened was too busy to put a sign and still be able to visit safely.

“It was difficult. Just the memory of driving down Santa Fe was difficult,” Inzeo said.

According to her mother, Victoria had severe head trauma following the crash and wouldn’t have had any quality of life. Inzeo said once she arrived at the hospital to see her daughter, she knew within a few hours she made the decision to take Victoria off life support.

“She was fun, bubbly and everyone loved her. She had the most amazing laugh,” Inzeo said.

Victoria was declared brain-dead on May 6. She said from there they started the organ donation process. Victoria’s heart, both kidneys and other tissues were all donated to recipients.

“I want Victoria to know how much she is loved and missed she will never be forgotten, and I will always manifest good things out of this tragic event,” Inzeo said.

Both of Victoria’s daughters attended the memorial ceremony. The young girls were both under three years old when their mom died.

“What was touching here is the two young daughters picked the two songs to be played one was about a mother and daughters,” Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said.

Inzeo worked with the DA’s office to get the sign put up. McCann attended the memorial and spoke to those who were gathered.

“We want people to look at the sign and remember a young woman lost her life due to careless and reckless driving,” she said.