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LITTLETON — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is moving ahead with expansion plans at Chatfield Reservoir, in spite of environmental groups which say the plan the engineers like will cost open space, tree stands, and habitat for wildlife.

“We just think of the four plans under consideration, the one they like is most damaging,” said Polly Reetz of the Audubon Society. “We could store water many ways, underground, in near-by gravel pits and at reservoirs now standing empty.”

But the Corps seems to like the expansion plan, even though  it could raise water levels by 12 feet and take away about 10 percent of the land currently used for recreation.

The engineers are still taking testimony until September 1 on the plans while saying they are “very mindful about the environmental concerns” many have.

More than a dozen water providers would use water from the expanded lake. Those against the plan say five providers have dropped out of the mix.

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