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DENVER — There are some traffic concerns growing  in a neighborhood already dealing with a heavy stream of cars … because of a new proposed development in Denver’s Virginia Village.

Others welcoming the plans saying the development will provide much needed affordable housing.

For years, the Colorado Department of Transportation called this 13-acre campus home in Denver’s Virginia Village. of

A developer now wants to tear down CDOT’s old buildings and establish a pedestrian friendly community.

Resident Lynn Clemo says, “I think in the long run it is going to be a beautiful development but I don’t think its appropriate for this neighborhood.”

The Kentro Group hopes to build 150,000 square feet of commercial and retail space.

They also plan to build residences, that will include 150 affordable housing units.

One resident told the city council she welcomes the development, “Because I believe we need to embrace change and do what we can to insure all Denver residents, the new and the old, have safe and affordable places to live.”

The development is expected to bring in an extra 10,000 more cars a day.

Too much traffic some say.

Kentro’s Jimmy Balafas said, “We have a traffic engineer that’s looking at the whole area and we’re tackling that. We’re addressing it. It’s not going to go away but we area going to do our best to resolve it.”

Some of the buildings could be as tall as eight  stories.

Kentro is also committing to bring in 200 jobs.

If the deal goes through, construction could take five years to complete.

Kentro says it plans to continue meeting with residents as the development moves forward.