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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A pig that was rescued from floodwaters in Nebraska has been nursed back to health at Colorado State University.

The pig, named Love, was rescued with other animals from a farm just north of Omaha. The nonprofit Iowa Farm Sanctuary organized the rescue.

According to KWWL, Love was injured when rescuers found her. She had a mass on her rear end and was limping. She was also exhausted and dehydrated.

Love was then taken to CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins.

At CSU, Love received treatment for her injuries and has recovered.

Dr. Elizabeth Crabtree, an intern for the Livestock Medicine, Surgery and Field Service at the veterinary hospital, said Love also had an infection in her bones.

Love was put on antimicrobial medicine and responded well.

The abscess on her rear end was also lanced and drained.

Crabtree said Love has become quite comfortable at CSU.

“To be quite honest, she runs the roost here. This is her domain and we’re all just living in it,” said Crabtree.

Now, Love is headed to the Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary near Thornton, which will be her new home. The sanctuary is home to more than 400 animals of 20 different species who are homeless, abused or otherwise neglected.