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HUDSON, Colo. — A train carrying coal derailed near the town of Hudson on Colorado’s Eastern Plains Sunday. Law enforcement figured about 15,000 tons of coal spilled out during the accident.

At least a dozen or so cars were involved, although some estimates were around 20. Sunday evening, a clean-up crew was on scene yanking out parts of the mangled mess.

Aside from the destroyed cars, part of the track was also damaged. According to officials, it could be a couple of days before the track is back up and running.

“When I saw it I thought, ‘shoot!’ This looks like something out of a movie. You know? Are they filming something, you know?” said a baffled Pam Cloud, who lives up the road off of Highway 76.

The derailment itself happened right outside the Hudson exit on I-76 eastbound. Throughout the day, hundreds of gawkers stopped by to check it out.

“What amazes me is even how the train track is bowed!” said Midge Lynes, one of those gawkers.

Sargent Sean Standridge with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office said the track is owned by BNSF Railway