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LOVELAND, Colo. — Law enforcement and residents spent more than two hours Sunday trying to capture a pet pot belly pig running around an apartment complex.

Dianna Shmidl said she was walking her dog on a road near her apartment complex when the pot belly pig approached them and proceeded to follow her home.

Schmidl said she contacted animal control and law enforcement to wrangle the pig. For two hours, the group tried to capture it.

“I have never seen anyone try and rope a pig,” said Schmidl.

“It’s not every morning you see a pig running around lose in your neighborhood, it was something,” said neighbor Stephen Sarvis, who filmed the ordeal on his phone.

Michelle Bauer was walking her dogs when she saw the commotion. The self-proclaimed “old farm girl” used skills from her youth to help capture the pig — using makeshift boards to block the pig’s peripheral vision and push it into the van.

“I’m used to working with livestock and I didn’t think at age 60+ I would remember what to do but I was able to do it and help them out,” said Bauer. “I think instinct just kicked in.”

The pig was brought to the Larimer Humane Society. A spokesman said if no one claims the pig, it will be put up for adoption.

Schmidl said she’s already put in a deposit for the pig to bring it home if no one comes forward.