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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — It was a race against time and Mother Nature to find a dog on the run in Castle Valley Ranch subdivision of Castle Rock. The community came together to help the dog that someone saw being dumped on the side of the road six days ago.

Neighbors and friends, spearheaded by Jessica Gilam, tried day and night to catch the dog, but she would just take off. “I’m used to dogs that want to come to humans. In this case, she was just so skittish and scared of everyone. We tried to bring treats and sit down and she would just run away.”

They were very concerned about her safety. Bridget Maloney-Hulslander said, “We were really concerned. She’s a short haired breed, hadn’t eaten in a few days. We were concerned she wouldn’t be able to find shelter and just be really cold exposed to the elements.”

Crystal T. said, “We were all really nervous with the weather coming in. I cried last night when I left because I knew she was hurt, scared, hungry. On Sunday we came out and found her. She took off, ran right past us. You could tell she was hurt. That’s what got to me. We knew she was hurt.”

They had several off-duty police officers helping in the search.

They called in veterinarian Barb Wolfe. “I’m a mobile practitioner. They called me because I could use a dart gun. It might be the only way we could get her. Fortunately that was not needed.”

Early Tuesday morning, a neighbor spotted the dog and was able to get it into her garage and close the door. Jessica said, “I’m an emotional person so I did start crying.” Bridget added, “I mean the good thing is she ended up with people familiar with the breed and will end up in a good home to take care of her.”

Vet Barb Wolfe and animal control checked for a microchip, but didn’t find one. They would like to track down the owner or the person who left the dog on the side of the road.

Bridget said, “You don’t have to dump a dog in a neighborhood. You can take them to the Buddy Center, to Dumb Friends League.”

Jessica said this is a good reminder to bring your pets in out of the cold. “Take care of the innocent animals that can’t take care of themselves.”

Barb Wolfe said, “It’s a beautiful thing this community came together to rescue this dog and there is a home for just about every dog.”