Peeping Tom caught on camera again in Congress Park

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DENVER -- A peeping Tom is back at it again after being caught on camera sneaking into yards and looking into windows.

All of the sightings in the Congress Park neighborhood have been reported to the Denver Police Department.

Police are connecting the dots and say it’s the same man. At least six incidents have been reported.

  • Dec. 2: Eight Eighth Avenue and North Monroe Street
  • Dec. 14: East Eighth Avenue and North Monroe Street
  • July 13: East 11th Avenue and North Garfield Street
  • July 17: East 12th Avenue and St. Paul Street
  • July 23: East 10th Avenue and Milwaukee Street
  • Aug. 9: East 11th Avenue and North Garfield Street

Police have put out a Crime Stoppers Bulletin with the man’s picture. Residents are concerned the behavior might escalate.

“I walked in the bedroom and I went just like this and went, 'Ahhh.' He was looking up at me,” Amy said.

The woman came face to face with man.

“He made a lot of noise when he did this,” Amy said.

The man pushed her patio chair under her bedroom window in July and was caught staring in at her. She lives near East 12th Avenue and Garfield Street. And she’s not the only victim.

“He was watching me in my living room as I slept,” Ellen said.

In home surveillance video, the suspect is caught masturbating while peering into Ellen’s window near East Ninth Avenue and Monroe Street.

Spooked by a passing car, the alleged sexual predator crawled on his hands and knees to hide, then grabbed a chair cushion to continue watching her.

“It’s disgusting. This is my home. This is my body and this my privacy. Nobody has any right to violate that,” Ellen said.

Then Thursday, Amy was sleeping when she got an alert on her phone.

“Oh, my God he’s back -- he’s in the yard again. Where are the cops?” Amy said.

She woke up to find the man back in her yard, crawling on all fours to peer in her window.

As police pulled up, he took off. Meanwhile, the victims sleep with weapons next to the bed and say the man must be caught.

“We’re not going to let you take control of the neighborhood. You’re going down. Hope you enjoy jail,” Amy said. “I’d punch him in the throat. I just want to physically hurt him because he’s violating my personal space.”

The women believe the man lives in the neighborhood because all the reports are within a three- or four-block radius. Each situation happened just before midnight.

Police describe the suspect as a 22- to 29-year-old Hispanic or Asian man, 5-foot-4 to 5-foot-8 with black hair and a mustache.

Anyone with information is asked to call 720-913-7867.

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