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DENVER — Commuters who park at the RTD light rail station at Interstate 25 and Broadway could be in for a big surprise as a large chunk of the parking lot has been permanently closed.

The Denver City Council in April approved plans to transform the area near the light rail station into a mixed-use neighborhood full of housing, offices and shops.

“It’s going to be one big community that’s really walkable. It’s really going to be a dynamic space, and we’re excited to be a part of it,” RTD spokesman Nate Currey said.

But the plan comes at the expense of some commuters as RTD is permanently closing at least one of its lots.

That means the elimination of more than 300 parking spaces. RTD said several hundred more will also be eliminated in 2017.

“I absolutely hate it. They’re talking about taking light rail parking away? That’s crap,” said David Smith, who parked in the lot Monday.

“When I do park down here, I’d love to have a space available,” said a man from Aurora.

The city is adamant that redevelopment of the area will include commuter parking, but the city is vague on specifics.

RTD said it hopes to have as many parking spaces when the development is done as is does now, but Currey admits commuters will be impacted until then.

“There’s still going to be plenty of parking available, but they left it flexible so we can build into whatever development it ends up looking like,” he said.