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CASLTE ROCK, Colo. — A small group rallied in Castle Rock Friday afternoon to demand change from the Douglas County School District following the STEM shooting.

One of those rallying was David Leader. He was waving an American flag — something he often does at rallies.

“I’m all about rallies. I’m all about getting involved,” he told FOX31.

School safety is no exception.

“This half-staff flag behind me — it’s sad to see it,” Leader said, standing outside the Douglas County School District Administration building.

He joined the rally’s organizer, Jessica Broadbent, and several others on Friday afternoon.

“No child should have to die having to be a hero when that’s our job as parents. That’s our job as a community,” said Broadbent.

“They need to come up with an action plan. They need to come up with the funding that they need to install metals detectors, armed security and things like that,” said Leader.

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Those at the rally said it wasn’t meant to be political.

”This is not pro-gun, this is not anti-gun. This is just, ‘come on parents. Let’s get involved,'” Leader said.

Leader said the rally’s small turnout is part of a bigger issue.

“I think one of the biggest problems we have in America is apathy. People really need to get busy, get out there, and have their voices heard,” he said.

For Broadbent, that means demanding change now.

“Day one those kids go back to school [next fall] — they better have some security and protection and there better be some changes, because it is not OK. This is not OK,” she said.

Friday evening, FOX31 and Channel 2 learned the Board of Douglas County Commissioners will consider providing $10 million in additional funding for increased safety at public schools. The board will also discuss adding more mental health services for students.