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LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — A Littleton couple is crediting local paramedics and firefighters with helping deliver their newborn — in the front seat of the family car, in the family driveway.

The big day came in March. Maggie Reilly started having contractions. Then her water broke. The family called 911.

Within minutes, a paramedic and firefighters from West Metro Fire Rescue were on scene.

“They literally showed up in the nick of time,” Reilly said.

With no time to spare, the paramedic, Dennis, delivered little Wren in the front passenger seat of the family’s Ford Edge.

Mother and Baby Wren continue to do well. In early June, Wren turns 3 months old.

“I know it’s their job,” Reilly said. “But in such a chaotic situation, they made it that much easier and better for us.”