Owner speaks out after on-air dog bite

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DENVER -- It’s been five days since Michael Robinson saw his Argentine Mastiff dog, Max.

He knows one single act could have prevented what has happened since.

“I walked my dog without a leash,” said Robinson.

He never imagined that single mistake would have started a chain of events that led to his dog in an icy pond with an entire city cheering for his successful rescue.

He also never imagined what would happen the next morning when Max bit a local television anchor in the face. “I think everybody was stunned at that moment.

We were like, ‘wow, that just happened’?” Robinson declined interviews from the Today show, CNN, Extra television as well as other media outlets.

But, after five days he sat down for an exclusive interview with FOX31 Denver’s Justin Joseph. He says he does not believe he or his dog is being treated fairly.

“I feel personally because it is a high profile case that things are, and wheels are turning in the background that we don`t see,” said Robinson.

FOX31 Denver asked Doug Kelley the director of Denver’s Animal Shelter that question. Kelley is holding Max on a rabies quarantine for ten days even though he has proof Max is current on his rabies vaccination.

“The decision was made before we even knew it was high profile. The decision was made after the bite occurred,” said Robinson.

He denies that Max is being handled any differently than other candidates for quarantine. Robinson says Kelley blamed him for the bite, a claim which Kelley denied.

Colorado law also allows Max to be quarantined at his vet or at home but Kelley won’t allow it. He says he does not believe it is in the public interest.

Robinson’s concern is that ten days in isolation may make Max the animal that some perceive him to be and not the playful animal Robinson says he is.

Television anchor Kyle Dyer continues to recover. She is unable to talk with over 70 stitches in her upper and lower lip.

She has had skin grafted to cover portions of her lip that are missing.

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