DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — It looks like a scene out of the Western TV series “Yellowstone,” but it’s not. This is a real-life cattle drive.

Over 100 head of cattle are being moved from one feeding area to another and the only practical way to do it is on horseback.

“We’re bringing them from our summer pasture to our winter pasture. And we bring them in and we pregnant-check them to make sure they have a baby in them. If they do we keep them and if not they are sold,” Matt Clough ranch manager at Sterling Ranch said.

Clough is more at home on a horse than in an SUV. He is the trail boss on the cattle drive.

“The trail boss gets everybody organized, mounted up, get the cattle gathered, and begin the push,” he said.

The seasonal fall cattle drive at Sterling Ranch
The seasonal fall cattle drive at Sterling Ranch (KDVR)

Evoking the West in the 21st century

It’s not just the cattle and cowboys watching them little dogies, it’s also the homeowners of the new residential community Sterling Ranch.

“We wanted to integrate the West with the 21st century,” Sterling Ranch owner and developer Harold Smethills said.

All along the drive, residents, families and kids were donning cowboy hats and taking lots of pictures.

Sterling Ranch is a 3,400-acre working cattle ranch that also happens to be the home to around 2,000 families.

“People come here because they want to be a part of the West. You can live in a box over a train station anywhere in the world, but here, you’re in Colorado,” Smethills said.