FORT LUPTON, Colo. (KDVR) — A dog rescue has incorporated a unique approach for people wanting to adopt a dog. It is as simple as going outside for a walk.

It was a perfect day for a walk with man’s and woman’s best friend, all thanks to Galen Sylk.

“I started it because I realized that all the dogs in the shelter really needed to get outdoors,” Sylk said. Sylk is a volunteer at Soul Dog Rescue.

What Sylk started was a way for the dogs staying at Soul Dog Rescue to get outside for a little fresh air. The homeless hounds were rescued from another state.

“All the dogs mostly come from reservations in New Mexico, and they get brought up. They’re saved by Soul Dog. They have a facility down there, and that’s where they pick them up,” Sylk said.

A person walks a dog on a trail beneath a sunny blue sky
Soul Dog Rescue brings dogs on walks as a way to help them get adopted (KDVR)

Stray dogs brought to Colorado to find new homes

The strays are brought to Colorado, are spayed and neutered and then are ready to meet prospective new owners.

Part of the adoption process is to visit and go outside for a walk. When Outdoor Colorado visited the rescue, 12 dogs and possible future owners took a scenic walk around Milavec Reservoir.

“One of the very big benefits about bringing the dogs outside and taking them on a walk is you actually get to see the dog’s personality. You do not get to see the dog really be themselves when they’re in a shelter environment,” Sylk said.

There is just something healing and honest about the outdoors. And it is really good for the dogs. Almost 10 have been adopted so far.

“It has personally been one of the most rewarding things in my life,” Sylk said.

It has been pretty good for the dogs, as well.